Summer of 13

Living:  The Ancient Industries shop.
Above the post office at 
408 Sharon Goshen Turnpike
West Cornwall, Connecticut 06796
Open Saturdays, 10-2.

Closed for the winter!


Living: Charleston, HQ for Bloomsberries since 1916.


Chardin, Self Portrait with an Eyeshade, 1775

Chardin lookalike, Guy Wolff

English pancheons from the collection of Guy Wolff

English salt glazed garden edgers and lipless terracotta
pots from the collection of Guy Wolff

Hot House Garden Pot by Guy Wolff

Living: Guy Wolff Pottery, Bantam, Connecticut.


Living: Covent Garden, 1961, 
photographed by Charles Cushman.


Throwing a googly in a Hemsby
in Hope and Glory.

 Revived: The Hemsby, at Old Town,
for those who remember the 80s, or the 
40s, or the 80s version of the 40s.


Living: The circus. Kodachromes 
by Charles W. Cushman.


Living: Nabokov, via Pablo Delkán, of Menorca.


The Ypres Salient at Night + The Mule Track
by Paul Nash (an inspiration for the character of 
Paul Tarrant in Toby's Room by Pat Barker).

My Work Room + View From the Old British 
Trenches by William Sir Orpen. Both going on
the cover of Toby's Room by Pat Barker.


Living: Tiles in Samarkand, Uzbekistan.
Photographs by Sergei Prokudin-Gorskii 
(taken c. 1900) at the Library of Congress.


Living: Steele Canvas Basket Co., 
established 1921, in Massachusetts.
Available with a twist, at J. Crew.


Living: Richard III.


Nothing to add here

A willow boot tree is more practical than 
wood when the boot is wet

 Time to revive the Farve-chic leather gaiter 
that keeps out the cold

Deer bones for polishing the boot
after it has been polished

Trotting on: Horace Batten boots.
Outtakes from a visit to Northamptonshire 
work shed as reported in Gardenista.
Photographs by Kendra Wilson.


Living: Irish Folk Furniture, by Tony Donahue.
Winner for Best Animation at Sundance.


Re-living: Antique Steiffs, at Makié.


News from Nowhere and Reed Wilson