His Grace's perambulator

Patched sofa

Shredded sofa

"But could one get it into one's London
home, this is the issue here."

A 'birch chair'

"Why would you keep this stuff? Just bin it!"

Living: Chatsworth, The Attic Sale, part 1.
From our Middle England correspondent:

"A heavenly day at Chatsworth in Derbyshire for the last
day of the Attic Sale. The pavilion was filled with hilarity
as men in purple jumpers and curious folk from near and
far took a punt on the massive fireplaces and broken down
old chairs. There were pieces commissioned by Georgiana,
the other famous Duchess of Devonshire, and there were
nicnacs picked up in the 70s, unaccountably held on to.
A very raggedy old sofa, one-armed and with stuffing
coming out of the bottom and the top was described in
the catalogue as 'distressed'. My own favourite discovery
was a mother and her daughter, found photographing
their teddy on all the tables and chairs that
took their fancy."

Photographs by Kendra Wilson


News from Nowhere and Reed Wilson