Miss Hazel Dawn

Miss Billie Burke

Miss Ina Claire

Miss Julia Sanderson

Living: Anthony Patch's bathroom, 1913.

'His bathroom, in contrast to the rather portentous
character of his bedroom was gay, bright, extremely
habitable and even faintly facetious. Framed around the
walls were photographs of four celebrated thespian
beauties of the day: Julia Sanderson as "The Sunshine Girl,"
Ina Claire as "The Quaker Girl," Billie Burke as the
"Mind-the-Paint Girl," and Hazel Dawn as "The Pink Lady."
Between Billie Burke and Hazel Dawn hung a print
representing a great stretch of snow presided over by
a cold formidable sun—this, claimed Anthony,
symbolized the cold shower.'

The Beautiful and Damned, by F. Scott Fitzgerald, 1922


News from Nowhere and Reed Wilson